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How safe is to jump from an airplane?

Our instructors are evaluated and certified by the Our pilots are certified and tested by the DGAC of Mexico SCT. Our skydiving teams are qualified and acknowledged by the most secure and worldwide recognized SIGMA is the equipment we count on and use. We also have AAD (automatic activation system) as an additional safety precaution.

Are there any physical requirements?

As in any sport, being in good physical condition is suggested and recommended. Please consult your physician if you are on medication prior to booking your jump.

Throughout the years of skydiving; the tandem jump was created to give people the opportunity to jump without having the responsibility of landing safely. We do everything for you to make certain your sky diving experience is a fun one! We have over 16,000 jumps of experience.

We have jumped with children from the ages of 7 through 98! And with weights of 20 kilos to 130 kilos.

The limit weight is 90 kg.


If your weight is between 90 – 100 kg there is an extra charge of 400 pesos.

If your weight is between 100 – 110 kg there is an extra charge of 750 pesos.

If your weight is between 110 – 120 kg there is an extra charge of 1050 pesos.

Do you feel dizzy when jumping?

The freefall feeling is actually a floating sensation very much like being in the middle of a wind tunnel and floating within it.

When the parachute opens, is it strong and does it hurt?

The parachutes are designed to open gently so that customers do not feel anything.

Do I need to book a reservation?

We suggest that you do this as it will guarantee your space. We request 500 pesos as a non-refundable deposit (be prepared If unfavorable weather conditions exist, we can not jump in them).

What clothing should I wear?

Sportswear is most advisable. That is: a shirt without collar, shorts and sturdy footwear. We also recommend a light meal before your jump.

How long is the tour?

Typically about an hour. Be aware that they can last several hours depending on the weather conditions.

Can I take videos or photos?

We don’t recommend that because the company is not responsible for any Device that is lost or damaged. We have special cameras to capture your moments sky diving. See the photos and/or video packages we offer.

What equipment do you use?

All of our equipment has two parachutes, the main and a backup. They also have an automatic opening device to open the reserve parachute automatically at a previously programmed height.

The parachutes that are used for the course are also larger, facilitating their opening, and maneuverability.

In all courses you will be accompanied by highly qualified and certified instructors, who, thanks to their ability, they can respond quickly and effectively to any unforeseen situations.

Remember you wear a harness with 4 hooks attached to the harness of the instructor- each hook supports 1000 kg. The harness is adjustable and comfortable for your first jump and various safety bands.