AFP Course/Accelerated Free-Fall Program

Our AFP (Advanced Freefall Program) skydiving course is an adaptation of the original program made in the United States, which offers additional security and continuous learning throughout your progression as a skydiving student, which includes prior instruction and during your course, equipment necessary to jump and certified instructors.

You begin by making 2 Tandem jumps.

Tandem1: The first tandem jump is just to introduce you to skydiving to see if you would like to do it as a career or hobby. We also check to see that you meet the basic skills requirements to be able to do it.

Tandem 2: The Second Tandem is for you to learn all the basic procedures, so you can jump on your own: Output Stable, altimeter check every 5 seconds, practice opening the parachute and parachute opening time.

Control and fly your parachute to a safe and soft landing.

The theoretical course lasts 4-6 hours, you will gain insight into the functioning of the equipment, safety measures, correct possible faults, types and speeds of winds at different heights, to mention a few.

Jump with your own team, jumpsuit, altimeter and radio to help you use your parachute, helmet and goggles. Purpose: Mastering the jump sequence.

Stable output, practice opening parachute time, altimeter check every 5 seconds around the jump, parachute flight, soft and safe landing, the whole process assisted by an instructor.

Jump with your own team. Purpose: Mastering the jump sequence.

Stable output, altimeter check every 5 seconds, 2 practices opening round of 90° left and 90° right, opening time, check and parachute flight to landing. Aided by the instructor.

Stable output, a single opening practice, maintain flight direction, your instructor will release first in freefall. Opening stable flight and soft landing parachute.

Stable output- once stabilized, the instructor will let go. You will make 90 º turns on your own; to the left and right. every 5 seconds.

You will be out of the airplane without an instructor at this level. You will maintain flight direction, altimeter check, perform 360 degree turns to the left and right. Steady opening parachute flight with minimal assistance.

Unstable to then get stable: check up, make barrel to the left, check altimeter, right barrel, stable track, (all these terms are explained in detail during the course).

Last jump of the course.

Once you complete all 7 levels and accumulate and additional 25 jumps for your license (making at least one jump each month), you can complete and send your license application to USPA. You are ready to jump anywhere in the world.

Tandem Instructor Rating




  • Minimum of 500 jumps
  • Medical Certificate
  • Coach or instructor License
  • License D
  • 3 years experience in this sport

For additional information on either course or assistance to achieve your license to become a certified instructor; please contact our Examiner Victor Fernandez.