Requirements to jump in Skydive Vallarta

Consider that we are not an exclusive area for skydivers but we do raise paratroopers when we have spaces available with tandems.

  • Have a valid type C license
  • a minimum of 200 jumps
  • A minimum of 50 jumps in the last 6 months
  • Computer or (AAD) required
  • Present Logbook physically with valid signatures
  • if you have your own gear make sure your reserve is  in the 6 moths period
  • Gear Rentals Avaliable
  • Student PD Navigator 260
  • Student Icarus 230
  • Student Icarus 210
  • Spectra 190
  • Pilot 187
  • Safire 170

Jump Cost $42 USD

If you do not have these requirements to jump only in Puerto Vallarta we cannot guarantee a jump due to the lack of your experience

In case you want to live the experience of jumping in Skydive Vallarta you will have to go through specific procedures which take a few hours of training and the cost would increase.

Costs may change without notice