“If the answers you’ll find here do not clear up your questions, please get in touch with us and will be happy to help you”.

Our instructors are Officially certified and have thousands of jumps, plus Our pilots are certified and approved by DGAC Mexico SCT and FAA. Our skydiving equipment Is qualified, checked and the most safe and renowned all over the world. We also use AAD (Automatic activation device) As a safety measure.

General Good health condition Always helps with any sport. You cannot scuba dive and jump out of the plane within 24 hours. However you can skydive and right away go scuba diving. In case you are medicated please check with your doctor.

The limit is 89 kg or 200 pounds without extra charge. From 200 pounds to 219 Pounds US$20 From 220 pounds to 250 pounds US$47

No, it’s nothing like a roller coaster sensation. Because you are already going with speed, the freefall actually feels like floating as if you were in a wind tunnel and you were floating inside of it.

Skydiving equipment nowadays is designed to open smoothly and softly, which provides a very comfortable opening. Our packers are highly trained and they have all the skills to Make sure openings are always top notch.

It is not allowed to take cameras, phones, Jewelry or objects with you that may fall during the flight or the freefall. For more information, please check the USPA requirements and recommendations regarding the use of cameras during skydiving jumps.

The activity last about an hour and a half to two hours, depending on weather conditions, land and air traffic and air space. Please allow extra time before and after your jump.