Skydiving Courses in Vallarta

Accelerated Freefall Progression

Our AFP is an adaptation of the original program from United States, providing extra security and continuous learning during your progression as a skydiving student, which includes instructions before and during your course, all necessary equipment to jump and USPA Certified Instructors.

Cost of the course is $2,250 USD, includes 9 jumps with a 50% advance to start the course.

Tándem 1: The first tandem is meant for you to check out what skydiving is all about and see whether you’d like to do it as a hobby Or take it more seriously and make a career out of it. it’s important to have what it takes To do it.
Tándem 2: This one is for you to do the basic procedures, so you can jump on your own: Stable exit, check the altimeter every five seconds, practice opening your parachute and actually opening the parachute on time. You will control and fly your parachute until you land it.

The course typically takes 4 to 6 hours, and its purpose is to explain in depth how the equipment works, safety measures, how to solve possible malfunctions, basics about the winds, amongst other things.

From now on you jump with your own parachute, you will also wear jumpsuit, altimeter, helmet, goggles and radio to help you fly your parachute. The purpose is to dominate the jump sequence: stable exit, proper opening practice, actual opening of the parachute on time, Circle of awareness, check every five seconds throughout the jump, canopy control and safe and soft landing. All while supervised and assisted by an instructor.

The purpose of this jump is to dominate a stable exit, check circle of awareness every five seconds, two opening practices, Controlled 90° right turn and a 90° left turn, actual opening of the parachute on time, canopy check, canopy control and safe and soft landing assisted by an instructor.

The purpose of this jump is a stable exit, one opening practice and keeping jump direction. This is when your instructor lets you go for the first time during free fall. Actual opening of the parachute on time, canopy check, canopy control and safe and soft landing.

The purpose is a stable exit. Once you are stable during free fall, your instructor lets you go, you now have to do a 90° right turn and a 90° left turn by yourself, open your parachute while stable, canopy control checking altitude every 5 seconds.

Dive exit unassisted, maintain jump direction, COA (Circle Of Awarness) check, 360° turn to the right and 360° turn to the left. Stable opening and canopy maneuvers with minimal assistance for landing.

Unstable exit in order to get stable afterwards. Altitude check, barrel roll to the right, altitud check, barrel roll to the left. Altitud check and finally track and open the parachute. All this terms and maneuvers are explained and vastly practiced prior to every jump.

Dive exit, front loop, get stable, back loop, get stable and open your parachute stable and on time.

Our prices may change without prior notice.

USPA Licences

United States Parachute Association 

A Licence

Once you have finished and passed all levels, you must accumulate 25 jumps for your A license, jumping at least once a month and achieving certain goals. Afterwards we fill your A license application and it will be sent to the USPA (United States Parachute Association). Once you get your A license you can jump pretty much anywhere in the world.

Tandem Instructor Certification

In order to obtain your Tandem Instructor Certification you must have: coach rating, 3 years of experience as a skydiver, At least, 500 jumps, 2 night jumps ,A,B, C and D license.

AFF Instructor Certification

In order to obtain your AFF Instructor Certification you must have: AFF Instructor Certification Course, C license, at least 6 hours freefall accumulated. At least 500 jumps, fill AFF Certification form.

Certification - Coach Instructor

In order to obtain your Coach Instructor Certification you must have: At least 100 jumps (signed by D license) and B license.

Experienced Skydivers

We have one the most attractive skydiving dropzones in Mexico, with beautiful beach landings, noble winds around the Bay, top notch equipment, as well as brand new plane and views like you have never seen… You are more than welcome to this paradise, where life is good, food is delicious and the jumps are incredible.

Minimun requirements:

    1. 18 Years Old.
    2. Bring your license and logbook updated.
    3. Be a current USPA member.
    4. Current C Licence.
    5. Minimun of 50 jumps in the last 6 months.
    6. Reserve parachute inspected and repacked within the last 180 days.

Mandatory AAD any experiences.

Prices :

  1. Cessna Caravan
  2. $ 42 USD
  3. Cessna 182
  4. $ 42 USD
  5. Slots Subject to availability
  6. Gear Rentals + Pack Job
  7. $ 25 USD Gear Rental + 5 USD Pack Job 

¡ Come, Learn and Be Happy !


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