General Information

No dates available yet due to COVID-19

We are no taking registration for the beach boogie 2021 

Beach Boogie

Vallarta is better than ever and this is a great excuse to escape the cold weather  ¡ Enjoy !We will be jumping out of a Cessna Caravan at 13,500 ft Approximately.

Event Description

After you pay your subscription to the event via the PayPal account please send an email confirmation to with your general information such as full name, amount of jumps, canopy size, and favorite discipline.

  1. PayPal account:
  2. At least 200 jumps or 150 jumps and canopy course.
  3. B Licence.

¡ Enjoy Big Party at the end !


  1. Registration fee before November 20: $55 USD.
  2. Registration fee after November 20: $125 USD.

Tickets Packages Available

  1. 5 Tickets = 5 Jumps: $210 USD.
  2. 10 Tickets = 10 Jumps: $380 USD.
  3. 15 Tickets = 15 Jumps: $540 USD.

Note: Once tickets are purchased they will not be refundable. Cash Prices.

Any payments with CC will increase 5% banks fee.

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