Have you ever wondered if you really know Puerto Vallarta?

In fact there is an infinity of things to do in Puerto Vallarta, when visiting this wonderful bay of the pacific ocean located in the Riviera Nayarit you can enjoy clean and crystalline beaches accompanied by a wonderful breeze that refreshes you at any time of the day, relax with the nightlife that offers you and a gastronomic paradise with thousands of options to give pleasure to your taste buds; Therefore, we are going to give you a list of incredible places and things to do in Puerto Vallarta.
It is the perfect place to walk with your family, friends or alone, a kilometer of cultural diversity where you will find the best of parties, live music and restaurants of great variety.
Some know it as the hidden island, perceived by many as one of the wonders of Mexico, it is a mystical place a few kilometers from Punta de Mita where after a boat trip and swim a few meters you will reach an island where you will want to stay forever, in addition to other places where the view speaks for itself.
Many of the people who come to Vallarta do not know that to the south are some of the most crystalline beaches and little tourist traffic if your plan is to be calm we recommend you visit “Yelapa”, after taking a boat in “Bocas de Tomatlan” “You can get to paradise, you can probably watch whales and dolphins on your way as well as visiting famous beaches such as Colomitos, Caletas, Maraicas and many more that you will surely want to visit.
If you have not gone to this place we invite you to give yourself the opportunity to get to know a magical town that since you enter dazzles you with the colorful decoration, friendly people and magnificent beaches for surfing; Nearby is also “San Pancho”, another incredible place where you will enjoy unforgettable sunsets and swim in the warm sea.
We leave the best for the end, and it is here where we want to invite you to jump out of an airplane with a certified instructor who will do everything for you. Tandem parachute jumps are made with a certified instructor and state-of-the-art equipment, aircrafts equipped with the necessary to have a pleasant 20-minute flight over the beaches of the south of the bay and the waterfalls to reach the best part of the adventure. Being ready and reaching 10,000 feet, the instructor will tell you what to do, the most important thing is to enjoy, we are aware that it is scary, but that is the idea, once you cross that line between the plane and the jump it becomes total happiness, you will find it falling at 220 KM / H and feeling the wind travel all over your body, at 5,000 feet, we will open the parachute and you will feel a peace that you have never felt before, the view will impress you so much that you will want to stay up forever, but true that comes a very exciting part of the jump, which is to plan the parachute together and take a few turns to feel a little more adrenaline before touching the ground and landing on the beach. After that the smile will last a few months, since you will feel the owner or mistress of the world. We invite you to fly and see Puerto Vallarta as it should, from the sky and flying.