Reasons to fly in Puerto Vallarta

  • Landings on the Beach
  • Internationally certified instructors
  • The view during the whole experience is incredible
  • Our cameras are of high quality so you can remember your experience forever in the best format.
  • Your friends can see you land.
  • A few hours from Guadalajara, the best experience of your life in parachute awaits you
  • We are a skydiving club certified by USPA, the American Skydiving Association
  • During the flight on the plane you will enjoy a trip through paradise in which true sky, sea, beaches, waterfalls and mountains
  • Puerto Vallarta offers many activities, once you jump you can continue enjoying the city after your experience.
  • Air traffic monitored and free for our jumps by the international airport
  • Constantly updated parachutes
  • The free fall that we offer you is real since we take off at sea level
  • Conditioned facilities
We are a few hours from the city of Guadalajara, Guanajuato and Tepic among others. We love to say that we can offer our clients one of the most complete options for parachuting in Mexico because we have a spectacular scenario in which the first expression of our customers when opening the parachute is that the view is simply amazing.
We also want you to know that for us security is vital, all our parachutes are the most sophisticated in the world, our instructors are equally certified internationally and each of them with a great customer service in which they make you feel as part of the family.
We consolidate as the best option for our customers looking to jump with a parachute in Guadalajara to land on the beach after the best experience of their lives.
If you are thinking of flying, jumping out of an airplane and landing on the beach, come and fly to Puerto Vallarta.
As we say: If you want to jump from an airplane, it’s better to go in paradise.